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who? funny you should ask...
Our story

Once upon a time there was a girl who wrote music and played the guitar. Her name was Amanda. For a long time Amanda enjoyed playing music alone but began yearning for someone to share her joy and love of playing songs and performing.

Then one day a real cool skater chick came around who enjoyed the girl's music. Her name was Stacey. Stacey bumped into Amanda on the street and recognized her from deep within her memory banks. But from what...?

3 years previous to this destined meeting, the singing, guitar-playing girl Amanda had performed solo at a gig that Stacey happened to be working taking tickets. Stacey really enjoyed hearing Amanda's music from the ticket booth that night, and even peeked out once or twice to catch a glimpse of the talented and spirited solo performer. They were introduced briefly after the show, but neither of the girls knew they'd bump into eachother again years later on the street.

And low and behold, Amanda did not know the skater chick's talents would be just what she wanted. They had yet to be displayed.
(The plot thickens...)

The girls became friends, and one day Stacey was helping Amanda with her computer near where a Drum Kit sat. "Hmmm, may I play them drums?" asked the skater chick. "Why, yes, please do," the girl replied. So Stacey drummed a little, rippin’ it up, and Amanda was suprised and - yes - impressed. Little did the drumming girl know that years earlier Amanda had seen a great girl drummer and dreamed of finding the same for her own band.

After a while the singing girl and the drummer girl got together and played much music together - it was beautiful from the start. Amanda shared many ideas, songs and musical dreams with Stacey and they seemed to have played and known each other for a lifetime already. Thus CoLLa VoCe’ was born!!! A classic meaning with a unique twist...

CoLLa VoCe’ is an Italian musical term that instructs musicians to follow the soloist or free flowing voice, which describes Amanda's vocal style and Stacey's ability to follow that ever-changing style. Both girls are very happy playing music for everyone and spreading all the CoLLa VoCe’ fun.

Yes we are a band of 2.
We have neat songs.
We like to play.
And we have lots of FUN!

Colla Voce is...

Amanda Watson-Thompson
Amanda Watson-Thompson
(voice& guitar)                         (percussion)

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