da capo Colla Voce
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Colla Voce [ita (v.)]: 1. to follow the solo instrument or voice
2.  band of two that simply loves to play

Hey hey hey everybody! Welcome to colla-voce.com, our little home on the web where you can know us, find us, hear us, see us, and write to us.

News Chews for Youz!

Workin' on "Loving as an Art" Track
Yeah Yeah!!! Sounding good
some drums and lead guitar and a little bass on the bottom...

Just put on some juicy vocals to the "Stories" Track
MMMmmm TastyFollowed up by some clicks and schtuff, we're good....

Oh Yeah! Wanna put in an advance order send to:

P.O. Box 167
Santa Paula
CA 93061

Slide the request and we'll let you in on a special cd release gig first dibs with one guest for free.

Fun as usual YEAH!!!!!


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